These photos are of some of my silicone baby dolls, I've created several editions, some of the pictures are of numbers one two and three ect....
Hopefully you can see that I have improved my artistry over the years

All my baby dolls are created with eco flex platinum silicones and the highest
grade supplies available...all totally from my imagination, My own sculpts and the love of the art.....
  1. IMG_0438
This is Baby Girl ..Rain..2015

Rain #2

Neisjah #2

Paisley #2 is when I came up with a new Softer silicone that is more like the feel of flesh..she wrinkles when you bend her and is much more flexable and
Alana is my newest baby girl for 2017.. She is made with the new softer silicone and is a drink and wet baby...there will be 3 more Available listed on ebay..soon