Lifelike Baby Dolls
      by Dianna Longo

Doll Sculptor and Artist

There is nothing sold on this site and I do not take custom orders...
this is so visitors on my ebay listings can see some of my creations over the past 10 years....
Dianna Longo
  Here's a little info about me and how I got started with life like baby dolls....
I grew up in Louisville Kentucky and now reside in Deltona Florida with my husband.

  I have always been an artist in one form or fashion.I have always worked in that field in the line of creating something as a floral designer, wedding coordinator and the last 5 years of my career as an interior decorator
 I retired in 2004.. and later that year my best friend bought a reborn baby doll and a whole new excitement began in me.
 I started researching and came across OOAK (one of a kind) baby dolls...made from polymer clay..and I'm proud to say that I have my OOAK baby dolls all across the US. I got away from sculpting for a few years due to my mom having terminal cancer....After I lost her, I just didn't have it in my heart anymore to work on the Dolls....Then once again my best friend sent me a link to a video of a silicone baby doll and I was astounded... I never realized that the art of real life baby dolls had come so far.... in my heart I couldn't wait to try it, but in my mind I had no idea where to start. LOL,  so all the research started all over again and now I am very proud to say that all of my silicone baby dolls have found new mommies that love them.

 I am still researching and trying to learn all that I can to re-create the feeling of holding a tiny little newborn baby in your arms. I absolutely love doing this and I hope you will enjoy looking at my babies and checking out my new website.